art is a reflection of life....

constant art in production

music moves in all direction 

constant art in production

music moves in all direction 

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the stage

la poesia de la vida cambia como el sonido del aire.

all the world is a stage and life is the beautiful book the show is made of...

Sing what you like to sing


a song can be used to pierce or to heal...each vocal inflection resulting in a color to shift balance 

music production began in 2001 in Hell's Kitchen, NY

beginning the music production and management company M27, circa 2002.


Birth and Early Childhood

Born Marco Antonio Matute Montoya in a small but exciting beach town of Tela, Honduras, young Marco discov- ered an attraction for art in hand drawing and music production as early as kinder-garden. At age of 6 years old, during a music event he assisted to produce in elementary school, Marco was promoting a school friend who was to sing at this school event but once this school friend became scared and could not follow through with the per- formance, young Marco instinctually jumped upon his place and delivered his performance. Without rehearsal and planning, Marco performed for a packed house to a standing ovation which proved to be the beginning for his love and passion for the stage.

USA - A New Beginning

Relocating to the United States at 8 years of age, Marco discovered his love for language and music early with scatting and Jazz. Becoming a NYSSMA All-State Vocal Jazz soloist in H.S., Marco was immersed in the theater arts and met a group of teachers from The Vocal Arts Foundation of New York that gave him a scholarship when he was 15 years old. While receiving private vocal instruction by Mr. Richard Dorr, Marco was also being mentored by Tony Award Winning Conductor, Shepard Coleman. While in his teens Marco performed numerously with Coleman. Upon completing H.S., Marco leaned toward a more complete foundation in the arts and continued to study voice with Maestro Dorr while attending and graduating from The William Esper Studio where he found the appropriate acting training under the direction of Suzanne Esper. It was during these formative years that he found work as a young man within the photography and production industries.

Photography & Production Business

As a 19 year old and while on a vocal scholarship, Marco linked up with Ernest Montgomery from The Mont- gomery Group who introduced him to the business of Photography and Beauty. Marco became one of the youngest agents representing commercial photographers, stylists, hair & make-up artists and other artists. During this time, he learned the art of production working with Record Companies like SONY Music, Atlantic, Jive, and many others; magazines like The Rolling Stones, W, The Source and many advertising agencies. This part of his life allowed him the foothold needed to embark in his new project, the creation of the new media agency, M27.

M27 - Images - Words - Sound

2002, was an important year for Marco Matute, he established the M27 Company, a new media agency specializ- ing in music, art direction and with a partnership with Unlimited Publishing, a book publishing business. After the September 11 event, Marco decided to open up his recording studio a few blocks away from Ground Zero in show of support for his American family. Located in 99 John Street, M27 began to produce Hip-hop, R&B, Jazz,


Classical and other formats of music. Working with some of the finest arrangers and musicians, Marco released his first album as producer in 2005 entitled “Steppin’ with T.P. - dedicated to Tito Puente” by Hilton Ruiz featuring Dave Valentin and Yomo Toro. This album rose to #1 in various Latin Jazz charts within the USA and worldwide. Marco Matute saw a setback with his music business in 2006 with the death of artist Hilton Ruiz. After a period of time to reorganize and restructure his music business, Marco is back at the helm of M27 but is now focused on singing. Going full circle into the business side of things, Marco has learned that music production and life’s ups and downs make for a more sensitive singer. With 20 years of vocal training from the great late Maestro Richard Dorr, Marco is now singing in Classical, Jazz and pop stages making “people happy one song at a time”


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